Silly Faces, two channel interactive video (2010)
Materials: 2 projectors, mini arcade booth with camcorder, computer, microcontroller, light, color backdrop

Silly Faces is an interactive video installation that asks the audience to become a part of the exhibition. Visitors can upload a 5-second video of themselves making a silly face using a ‘photo booth’ style arcade. The most recent video is added to the constantly changing grid of faces projected onto the gallery wall. Each video is bumped to the left when a new video is created, resulting in a dynamic and evolving mosaic of moving portraits. Everyone is a star. The arcade is a simple prop that attracts the audience to play Silly Faces as a game. The two channel video mural shows the 65 most recent videos, looping. A single channel version, Silly Faces 2.0 with a 35 grid is currently running at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

Silly Faces is in the permanent collections of the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Stepping Stones Children's Museum in Connecticut and OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology, in Youngstown Ohio. It is available for rental and sale, for more information click here. In 2013 Silly Faces was rented by the Center for the Arts in Bonita Springs. Here is a youtube video a viewer shared of Silly Faces in Florida: Most recently it traveled to Canada.

Graphics below made in collaboration with a pre-kindergarten class and their teacher.

Below is a video from the prototype of Silly Faces with a 96 video grid and no color backdrop.