Lighter and Lighter, Kinetic video sculpture, (2010)
Trapeze Artist: Cub (Suzanne Rogaleski)
Vibraphone: Lauren Kosty

Materials: computer, motorized pedestal, 3 projectors, microcontroller; wall or screen dimensions variable, animated video: 12:07

A kinetic video installation in which three projectors rotate and mix to form a video of trapeze artist Cub, her figure fuses from red, green and blue channels into a full color image in the physical space of the room. The mechanical device I built to separate the image allows the audience to see the process of how a full spectrum video is created by light. The analog compositing of the projections is similar to digital process only it doesn't work as perfectly, leaving edges of rainbows and giving only moments of complete alignments.
Special thanks to Cub (Suzanne Rogaleski) for performing for the video/film.

Lighter and Lighter was supported by a Carole Fielding Student Grant (2010) awarded by the University Film and Video Association. The video proposal for the grant is below.

Video stills below.

Favorite mandala sequence excerpt below.